30. Special Accounts for Religious Purposes

30.1 Islamic Accounts

It is clarified that an Islamic account (account which is not charged with premiums and/or rollovers and/or interest) is a benefit given solely for religious reasons to a person who is Islamic and cannot receive or pay interest due to his religion. It is strictly forbidden to abuse this benefit in any manner whatsoever or to use it in any manner except as foresaid. We reserve the right to cancel the aforesaid benefit at any time and take any actions necessary such as cancelling client transactions, adjusting client account balances etc, which might be required in our absolute discretion.

30.2 Jewish Accounts

For clients of the Jewish faith, this Agreement has been made in accordance with the terms of a religious transactional permit (Heter Iska) prepared and authorised in accordance with Jewish religious instructions (Halacha), the original of which is located at our offices and a copy of which can be provided upon request.

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