1B. Relationship Manager

1B.1 You have an existing relationship with the Relationship Manager and we shall be making use of the services of the Relationship Manager in order to provide some of the relationship management services to you and you hereby acknowledge and consent to this.

1B.2 The Relationship Manager is not FCA regulated and is not authorised by us, or otherwise, to provide you with any investment advice. To the extent that any such advice is given to you by the Relationship Manager, you shall disregard the advice and not act upon it and shall inform us as soon as possible of this matter.

1B.3 The Relationship Manager is not our agent and has no authority to bind us or to hold itself out as being authorised to negotiate or incur expenditure on our behalf.

1B.4 We may contact you directly and provide you with instructions including through our website. To the extent that we provide any instructions or information which contradicts instructions or information provided to you by the Relationship Manager you agree that the information or instructions provided by us prevails and you shall act accordingly and shall disregard the contradictory instructions of or information provided by the Relationship Manager.

1B.5 The Relationship Manager is only authorised to use marketing material in respect of the Provider which has been pre-approved by us. (To the extent that any materials are inconsistent with materials on our website you are asked to immediately inform us and to request clarification before taking any decisions based on such inconsistent materials.)

1B.6 You agree that you will only transfer funds to the account details provided to you by us and which are identified in the relevant section of our website. You agree that unless we advertise change of account details on the website at www.finotec.com, under no circumstances should you transfer funds into any account other than which has been provided to you by us irrespective of any instructions given to you by the Relationship Manager.

1B.7 Given the role of, and your relationship with, the Relationship Manager, your specific attention is drawn to the relevant provisions of clauses 21.1 (Assignment) and 25.1 (Termination) of this Agreement.

1B.8 Whilst the Relationship Manager is providing services for and subject to certain restrictions imposed by us, we cannot guarantee the Relationship Manager will always act in accordance with our instructions and the restrictions imposed by us. The Relationship Manager is a third party whom you have chosen to provide relationship management services on our behalf. Therefore, to the extent that any loss is caused to you by any actions taken by the Relationship Manager which are not permitted by us and which are outside our reasonable control, you acknowledge and agree that, without limitation to the generality of the limitation of liability at clause 19, we cannot be held liable for any such loss/losses.

1B.9 We hope and expect that the Relationship Manager will provide an excellent service to you and that you will be satisfied in all respects with such services. In the unlikely event that you have any concerns as to the role of or services provided by the Relationship Manager we would ask that you address such concerns to compliance@finotec.com.

1. General Information

1.1 This Agreement will take effect on the date that we send to you a copy of the Agreement signed by you or if earlier, on the date when we first provide you with the services envisaged by this Agreement (“Services”).

1.2 The Provider is a trading name of Finotec Trading UK Limited (“Finotec” or “the Firm”) (Company Number 06039502). Finotec is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, with registered offices is at 35 Ballards Lane London N3 1XW, and trading from 1-4 Bury Street Holland House London EC3A 5AW. Finotec’s FCA registration number is 470392.

1.3 All matters relating to this Agreement shall be conducted in the English language.

1.4 Reference to “you” and “your” refers to each and all of the people or organisations identified as the Customers. You acknowledge and accept that you are jointly and severally liable for all obligations, liabilities, charges, costs and expenses incurred pursuant to this Agreement. Any reference to “you” or “your” in this Agreement shall (where the context permits) be considered to be joint and several.

1.5 For the purpose of this Agreement you acknowledge and accept that:

1.5.1 we shall not be under any obligation to pursue all of you equally (or at all) to enforce any part of this Agreement. We may at our absolute discretion seek to enforce this Agreement in whole or part against all or any of you;

1.5.2 all of you have read this Agreement in full and confirm that you fully understand the terms and conditions and the risks involved;

1.5.3 you are all legally entitled to enter into this Agreement and that none of you are aware of any reason why any other person signing this Agreement should not be entitled to do so;

1.5.4 without prejudice to clause

1.5.1, we shall be entitled to treat any breach by any of you as a breach by all of you. In the event of breach we shall be entitled to enforce any of our rights under this Agreement against all or any of you.